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InnoAquaTech partners

The InnoAquaTech consortium comprises experts from research institutions and associate business partners who know the opportunities and challenges of recirculating aquaculture and can foster a transnational exchange of knowledge and technology.

BioCon Valley® is the initiative for life science and health economy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. BioCon Valley® supports the commercial use of modern life sciences and bio- and medical technologies in the region. BioCon Valley´s tasks are networking, managing life science start-up centers (bioincubators), project management and coordination, and life science specific public relation. BioCon Valley collaborates in strategic partnership with life science initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region, Japan and Vietnam.

  • Rainer Cramm

    Dr. Rainer Cramm

    phone: +49. 3834 8719896
    email: rc(at)



The chair of Aquaculture and Sea Ranching was founded in 2010 under the faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rostock. The interdisciplinary team of scientists covers various subjects related to the cultivation of marine and freshwater organisms as well as their interactions with parasites and bacteria. Recent research activities emphasize the rather new field of aquaponics (a combination of fish and plant cultivation). In order to enhance the commercial application of this future-oriented approach, a state-of-the-art aquaponics research facility, “The FishGlassHouse”, was constructed in 2015 at the University of Rostock.

  • Prof. Harry Palm

    Prof. Harry Palm

    phone: +49 381 4983730
    email: harry.palm(at)


The Danish Technological Institute is the oldest and largest Research and Technology Organization (RTO) in Denmark. Founded in 1906, DTI is a self-owned non-profit institution that develops, applies, and disseminates technology to Danish and International business sectors. DTI’s areas of expertise span a wide range, from production of advanced nanomaterials and particle accelerators, to robotics, (food) process technology, and bio-refinery concepts. Within the marine resources our focus is on improving the design of cultivation installations, developing automation technologies and bio-refinery concepts, as well as the cross-cutting foci on logistics and how marine resources fit within the wider bio-economy framework.

  • Hilary Karlson

    Hilary Karlson

    phone: +45. 7220 3441
    email: hika(at)


The Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (MIG) is a research and development unit supervised by the Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation.  The institute is co-leader of the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG - EUS BSR flagship project. MIG has a broad experience in transnational and cross-border cooperation in the several fields related to the project topic: sustainable management of the marine resources, environmental impacts assesment,feasibility studies of planned and ongoing maritime investments. We are interested in RAS technologies and systems in terms of fish species and technologies, energy effectiveness, identification of specific sites and maritime spatial planning.

  • Joanna Przedrzymirska

    Joanna Przedrzymirska

    phone: +48.58. 301 9339
    email: joaprz(at)


The University of Gdańsk (UG) is the largest institution of higher education in the Pomeranian region and the leading Polish university with regards to maritime research and education in the fields of natural and social sciences as well as the economics and law of the sea. The Institute of Oceanography at University of Gdańsk (IOUG) educates students in oceanography, geology, offers doctoral programme in oceanography and conducts interdisciplinary research into all aspects of marine science in the open sea and coastal zone of the shelf seas. IOUG is actively involved in implementation of the ecosystem approach into the development and management of marine areas.


  • Hanna Łądkowska

    Hanna Łądkowska

    phone: +48. 58 523 68 69
    email: ocehl(at)

  • Barbara Dmochowska

    Barbara Dmochowska

    phone: +48 58 523 68 69
    email: b.dmochowska(at)


The National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (NMFRI) in Gdynia is Poland’s oldest marine science center. It is a research and development unit supervised by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Originally dedicated to marine ecology, fisheries and fish food processing, NMFRI has become a place for interdisciplinary research on the Baltic environment and fisheries sector economy. Overexploitation of a large number of fish stock and an accompanying increase in demand on fish and other seafood observed recently in Europe caused that an aquaculture became an increasingly important source of food. Therefore, NMFRI searches and promotes the development in Poland a sustainable and competitive aquaculture sector based on innovative and environmental friendly solutions to strengthen and improve the image of aquaculture in aspects of environment protection and animal welfare.


  • Joanna Szlinder-Richtert

    Joanna Szlinder-Richert

    phone: +48. 587 356 236
    email: jszlinder(at)


Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Klaipeda University, providing strategic, technical and administrative assistance to companies/projects related to the development of new technologies and innovations. The mission of the KSTP is to promote the development of modern scientifically susceptible technologies, to provide infrastructural and consulting services for innovative enterprises and business ideas in the western Lithuania and in the whole country.

  • Andrius Sutnikas

    Andrius Sutnikas

    phone: +370. 46 310461
    email: projects(at)



Associate Partners

Ranging from SMEs in RAS to regional development agencies, our associate partners are important actors in the InnoAquaTech project as they provide valuable advice and support to SMEs targeted in this project.
Our associate partners are: