Biotrino: bioscience start-up discovers a type of algae rich in proteins

The Danish company Biotrino utilizes microorganisms to produce proteins and fats. This way of gaining the proteins is faster and more efficient than animals and plants – without using any toxins.

The company

Biotrino ApS is a bioscience start-up founded in 2018 on the ideas of innovating foodstuff ingredients - the vision is to become a recognised leader of the transition from high to low carbon footprint ingredients and tackle global challenges within food, health and environment.

The initial research of Biotrino, partly conducted in the Danish Technical University (DTU) and assisted by fellow DTU researchers, has been targeted alternative ways of providing proteins organically, economically and with potential of very large-scale industrialisation.

The idea

Animal farming is the most common source of protein for human consumption. According to the Danish Society for Nature Conservation 82 % of the crop area (which makes up 62% of Denmark) is used for animal feed like grains, corn, rape and grass. Only 9,5 % of agricultural crop area is dedicated to grow human food. Nutritional energy is lost when grains are used for feeding farm animals as opposed to consumption by humans. It takes approximately 7 kilos of grains to produce 1 kilos of beef. Beef contains 25% protein, it means it takes 7*4=28 kilos of grains to produce 1 kilos of animal-based protein.


Biotrino has discovered a species of the Chlorella algae that contains more than 60% protein (2-3 times more than that of meat). Moreover, it contains omega-3 fat in addition to different vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, Biotrino has discovered a novel way to grow the algae, making the production less expensive and scalable.

The initial potential customers are Health Food vendors positioning Chlorella as a supplement. Later Biotrino will position Chlorella as a food ingredient, targeting small food producers, like ice cream manufacturers, bakeries or fruit juices makers.

We team up with the Danish Technological Institute from the ALLIANCE and enjoy their experience about the growth of microalgae, as well as expertise in the first phase of running a start-up." -

  • Søren Hedegaard

    Biotrino ApS

The allies

Biotrino is collaborating with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) as their main ALLIANCE mentor. DTI has broad experience with growing microalgae, and their expertise allows the start-up to move faster, and avoid unnecessary mistakes in the first phase of the development.

The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR

 The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR