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    Scope of the conference:

    Regions have been at the forefront of Blue Growth across the Baltic Sea area. Whether it is for shipping, blue bio-technology, coastal tourism or aquaculture, regions have developed innovative approaches to enhance Blue Growth. This conference will build upon the results of several transnational projects that all aim to foster blue growth – from regions and for regions in the BSR.

    This conference especially focused on:

    • Paving the way for regional Blue Growth cooperation
    • Smart Specialisation and Multi-Use as drivers for Blue Growth
    • Approaches to financing Blue Growth cooperation
    • Policy measures and support structures for fostering Blue Growth

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  • Tuesday, 22nd January 2019

    Download the agenda as pdf


    8.30 - 9.00

    Accreditation + welcome coffee/snacks icons8 kaffee 48 (venue: Wasserturm Cafe) 

    9.00 - 9.45

    9.45 - 10.45

    Session 1 (Plenary): Paving the way to regional cooperation: Outputs and results from current Blue Growth projects (venue: Audimax room)

    • The Smart Blue Regions’ Baltic Sea Region-wide study identifying blue growth cooperation opportunities - Barbara Weig, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG
    • Multi-Use in European Seas: The MUSES Action Plan – Ivana Lukic, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG
    • The role of clusters and technology parks in making blue biotechnology a driver of blue growth (ALLIANCE project) – Mariann Nõlvak, Tartu Biotechnology Park
    • What are the role of and the associated benefits for regions promoting mussels farming (Baltic Blue Growth project) – Lena Tasse, Region Östergötland
    • Discussion

    10.45 - 11.15

    Coffee Break icons8 kaffee 48  (venue: Wasserturm Cafe) 

    11.15 – 12.45

    Session 2 (parallel workshops): Cross-sectoral cooperation stimulating blue growth

    3 parallel workshops

    1)  Smart Specialisation Strategies and blue growth (venue: Audimax room): this workshop aims to identify common ‘bottle necks’ hampering Smart Specialisation Strategy to be an effective means to support Blue Growth (organised by the Smart Blue Regions project)

    Moderator: Joanna Przedrzymirska – Maritime Institute in Gdansk


    • Karolina Lipińska - Pomorskie Marshall Office
    • Salla-Maria Lauttamäki - Regional Council of Southwest Finland
    • Jessica Hjerpe Olausson, Region Västra Götaland
    • Helene Norberg, Smart Blue Regions project, main author of the study “Common elements and lessons learned from RIS3 processes"

    2)  Skills and education required to implement blue growth (venue: Workshop room 1): this workshop (organised by the Smart Blue Regions project) will focus on the capacity and competence needed to foster blue growth in the Baltic Sea and will especially discuss life-long learning, practical training and academic education required in the marine and maritime fields. 

    Moderator: Anda Ikauniece - Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology


    • Astrid  Lewitzke – OffTEC Base GmbH & Co. KG. 
    • Karri Mikkonen - Team Leader of Future Technologies & Maritime Hub in Turku Science Park. 
    • Rosa Fernández Otero - Coordinator of the project MATES. Centro Tecnológico del Mar - Fundación CETMAR. 

    Followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience.


    • Maciej Nyka - project SEAPLANSPACE and Environmental Protection Law Chair at the University of Gdansk
    • Pawel Mawduk, Mawi Consulting Engineer

    3)  How blue economy can benefit from the transferability of project based tools (venue: Workshop room 2): this workshop is dedicated to a set of very promising toolboxes that have been developed within the framework of EU projects in the aquaculture or blue biotechnology sector. Rather than seeing them as project specific achievements, we will enable synergies by highlighting their cross-project potential.

    Moderator: Rainer Cramm (BioCon Valley)


    • Jan Eike Krämer, Uni Rostock (InnoAquaTech project) 
    • Dr. Martina Blümel, GEOMAR Kiel (ALLIANCE project) 
    • Mette Jørgensen, Program coordinator, Bioeconomy Hotspot Guldborgsund, Denmark 
    • Per Dolmer, Head of marine section, Orbicon, Denmark
    • Valur Gunnlaugsson project manager at MATIS Ohf., Iceland 

    12.45 - 14.15

    Lunch break   icons8 restaurant 48 (venue: Wasserturm Cafe) 

    14.15 – 15.45

    Session 3 (Interactive Plenary): Techniques for fostering Blue Growth (venue: Audimax room)

    • Effective policy measures fostering blue growth (Smart Blue Regions) – Edgars Rantiņš, Riga Planning Region
    • Clusters as drivers of blue growth outside the Baltic Sea – Philippe Monbet, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
    • Monitoring and evaluating the impacts of Maritime Spatial Planning - Riku Varjopuro, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
    • The service offer approach of the SUBMARINER Network (followed by an interactive session) – Efthalia Arvaniti, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG

    15.45 - 16.15

    Coffee Break  icons8 kaffee 48 (venue: Wasserturm Cafe) 

    16.15 – 17.15

    Session 4 (Plenary): Approaches to financing Blue Growth (venue: Audimax room)

    • The investment platform for Blue economy of the EU Commission – Claus Schultze, European Commission, DG MARE
    • BSR-EMFF Network: Using regional funds for transnational cooperation - Dr. Kari Saulamo, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
    • The Periscope project: Public support to blue growth –Kristine Lunde Tellefsen, South Norway European Office, Lead partner of Periscope
    • Discussion

    17.15 – 18.00

    Closing Session: Findings from the four thematic sessions: panel discussion with regional representatives  (venue: Audimax room)


    • Steffen Lüsse, Lead partner of Smart Blue Regions, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism,Schleswig-Holstein 
    • Joanna Przedrzymirska, Maritime Institute in Gdansk, Member of the Council of the Pomorskie "Blue" Smart Specialization
    • Jessica Hjerpe Olausson, Senior Maritime Expert, Region Västra Götaland
    • Inga Brieze, Head of Projects Management Department, Riga Planning Region 

    18.00 - 19.30

    Get together drinkicons8 essen und wein 48(venue: Wasserturm Cafe)

  • The conference takes place at the EUREF-Campus, Berlin

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  • Conference office 

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