Exploring the opportunities for Multi-Use in European Seas

    About MUSES

About MUSES 

The aim of the MUSES project (Multi-Use in European Seas) was to explore the opportunities for Multi-Use in European Seas across all EU sea basins. The project was designed to examine the challenges of developing Multi-Uses of ocean space from a number of perspectives and geographic scales, and provide a comprehensive understanding of environmental, spatial, economic and societal benefits of co-location of offshore and near-shore activities.

The Submariner Network has led the development of  MUSES Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan  which addresses inappropriate regulatory, operational, environmental, health and safety, societal and legal barriers to multi-use development. This was a stakeholder driven process which has involved crucial actors from different sectors, and geographic scales (national, sea basin and EU wide), covering all EU sea basins.  

Click here for the executive summary and a full version of the MUSES Action Plan. Apart from the Action Plan, the project website also hosts multiple interesting reports showing the results of multi-scale analysis of various types of multi-use, including 10 case studies and sea basin comparison report.

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