EHP: real-time environmental monitoring solutions for the aquaculture

EHP ENVIRONMENT Ltd. offers real-time monitoring stations as environmental buoys, water flow and quality monitoring stations for continuous environmental monitoring solutions.

The company

EHP Environment is a Finnish company that has developed a solution to monitor online water flow, level, quality and weather parameters. The monitoring data user interface is an internet browser at a device that is connected to internet. The company has been already existing on the market for more than ten years. It has been operating mostly at energy-, waste management-, heavy industries- and mining sectors. The online environmental monitoring solutions and recording of data from sea water is the next sector EHP would like to position themselves. 

EHP ENVIRONMENT is specialist on online Real-time environmental monitoring solutions. EHP produces online Real-time monitoring stations e.g. environmental buoys, water flow and quality monitoring stations for continuous environmental monitoring. The monitoring data is seen real time at EHP’s internet data service. EHP has delivered over 1000 online Real-time monitoring stations to its clients who are mostly located in Northern Europe. 

The idea

The importance of aquaculture has recently increased in contributing human nutrition globally and it is also promoted in EU's Blue Growth Strategy.  When the actions are expanded, the sustainability of aquaculture needs to be guaranteed. Cost efficient real-time monitoring at aquaculture sites, using fit-for-purpose sensors and innovative data is very much required. The sensors at the EHP buoy monitor the wished water quality parameters (for example pH, turbidity, oxygen, conductivity, chlorophyll, temperature, water flow speed & direction, water level).  

The market monitoring solutions for aquaculture is of interest for European end-users and also globally the demand on this kind of products is growing. Observations of the aquaculture sites with data that is provided to the user as web-service is highly wanted.

With the help of the ALLIANCE, we could kick-start the monitoring, so far our products have been used mainly at landbased industries’ environmental monitoring purposes.”-

  • Case owner quote

    Jaakko Seppälä


The allies

EHP cooperates with the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) and the Coastal Research and Planning Institute (CORPI) as their mentors. EHP needed consulting in different issues related to measurements and SYKE was able to help to answer the specific questions. EHP works also with the ALLIANCE case “Kalundborg Utility”, Preben Thisgaard the case owner of Kalundborg Utility provided contacts to the lake Tissø, Denmark and suggested a kick-start by testing EHP buoys for that (fresh water quality monitoring). EHP is also interesting in receiving new contacts from the Estonian market to position themselves stronger there.

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