Atomic-level detail view of the protein alpha-galactosidase

Enzymicals: marine strains as promising sources for producing novel lipases and galactosidases

Use of enzymes for complex chemical synthesis is popular in low temperature industrial processes.

The company

Enzymicals, founded in 2009, specializes in providing integrated solutions for biocatalytic applications. Enzymicals focuses in customization and production of enzymes as well as in their application for making fine and specialty chemicals. Dedicated to design, develop and implement cost-effective, sustainable and scalable chemo-biocatalytic routes – Enzymicals offers recognized expertise in the use of enzymatic processes for complex chemicals synthesis for its three business segments:

  • provides state of the art solutions in developing, optimising and piloting robust chemo-enzymatic processes for the production of fine & specialty chemicals.
  • manufactures a range of chemicals as chiral building blocks, intermediates and specialty chemicals as well offer custom synthesis on request.
  • offers a broad selection of recombinant enzymes suitable for research, development, production and diagnostics as well as a tailor-made protein expression and optimization service. 

The idea

Enzymicals AG offers a broad biocatalytic toolbox and an outstanding resource of enzymes suitable for research and development, production, and diagnostics. The company has strong expertise in developing and piloting biocatalytic processes on customer demand. Marine microbial strains are seen as a promising source of extremophiles for discovering new cold-temperature lipases and galactosidases with various applications in the industry. Furthermore, apart from enzymes, Enzymicals deliver other specialty and fine chemicals, like chiral building blocks, with a production capacity from analytical to kilogram scale. The product range includes secondary and tertiary alcohols, carboxylic acids, lactones, esters and amines with a very broad range of industrial applications.


Given the high market demand for industrial enzymes and the astonishing extremophilic properties of marine microbial strains, we are now able to offer more novel enzymes to our customers. With the help of the ALLIANCE, we are able to include enzymes in the internal screening". -

  • Dr. Ulf Menyes

    Enzymicals AG


The allies

Enzymicals wishes to identify new enzymes, and more specifically lipases and galactosidases, which are functioning under cold temperatures. The company is aiming to adapt the quality assays, describe the special characteristics and include new enzymes in internal screening tests. Enzymicals cooperates with BioCon Valley and Danish Technological Institute (DTI) as main mentors within ALLIANCE. More recently, a cooperation with the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) is envisaged to exploit their strain collection. Additionally, the University of Flensburg is helping out with their network.

The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR

 The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR