Baltic Probiotics: healthy fish, happy customers

With the help of the ALLIANCE, Baltic Probiotics will test its innovative new aquaculture products. The probiotic products
enhance fish health and water quality. ALLIANCE partners will be helping with laboratory experiments in model systems.

The company

Latvian company Baltic Probiotics has a successful track record of developing probiotics-based products to improve animal health. Since its foundation in 2013, the Rucava-based company has so far developed products for a number of applications in this field – uses range from veterinary medicine for domestic pets to animal husbandry such as cattle rearing. These all-natural products contain a powerful blend of beneficial microorganisms (up to 11 per product), enzymes and antioxidants, cane molasses, sea salt and plant extracts. The products promote animal health by improving digestion and boosting the immune system. With several successful products already on the market, Baltic Probiotics has now set its sights on the blue economy.

Our products will promote fish health and at the same time reduce the need for antibiotics in aquaculture.

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    Arta Bārdule

    Baltic Probiotics

The idea

In a healthy natural ecosystem, about 5%-10% of bacteria are probiotics, balancing out a roughly equal number of potentially harmful pathogens at the other end of the bacterial spectrum. When setting conditions in an artificial ecosystem such as indoor fish aquaculture, it is important to bear in mind this natural balance. Baltic Probiotics is therefore developing two probiotics-based products for healthy and viable ecosystem formation in aquaculture. One product aims to improve water quality and hinder the spread of harmful bacteria, the other aims to improve fish health and digestion.

Applying the same principles as in the development of their earlier successful products, Baltic Probiotics’ scientists are developing these aquaculture products combining microorganisms and probiotics. The product fed to fish will improve digestion and appetite. It will also boost the immune system of fish, making them less vulnerable to diseases and significantly shortening the recovery time after illness. As the second aquaculture product will improve water quality, in combination they will be an environmentally friendly, natural alternative to the use of antibiotics. With the help of the ALLIANCE, Baltic Probiotics hopes to bring both these products to market within two to three years.

The allies

In the ALLIANCE project, Baltic Probiotics is collaborating with the Coastal Research and Planning Institute (CORPI) from Klaipeda, Lithuania. Baltic Probiotics is carrying out initial testing of the products in its own laboratories, fine-tuning their chemical composition. CORPI, meanwhile, is able to offer its more extensive research facilities (including a number of fish tanks) and scientific experts during the second – broader and applied – testing phase. The aquaculture products will therefore benefit from having been tested under various conditions and on multiple species of fish. Adding a further dimension to ALLIANCE involvement, the University of Gdansk from Poland and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd. are involved in the development process as “case mentors”. These provide dedicated points of contact for Baltic Probiotics within the project, able to offer advice and represent the company’s interests.

The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR

 The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR