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KosterAlg: farming macroalgae in the clean waters of the Swedish west coast

The newly established Swedish company KosterAlg offers several species of cultivated macroalgae, such as kelp and sea lettuce. As an ALLIANCE partner KosterAlg has benefitted from cooperation with expertise in the area of business and technical development.


The company

The company KosterAlg originates from three research projects with several Swedish universities. The enterprise was set-up by six marine biologists, specialized in marine botany, ecology and chemistry, cultivation and breeding of macroalgae and a sustainable use of marine resources.

With the gathered experience of all involved in KosterAlg, the company has become an important contributor in the development of the Blue Economy, focusing on large-scale and sustainable production of macroalgae.

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The idea

The extensive research projects studying macroalgae as part of a biobased society initiated cultivation of macroalgae in Skagerack (on the Swedish west coast) but also in tanks on land using deep-sea water. The cultivations produced an overabundance of biomass and the idea to take care of the surplus not used by the research, offering it as raw material on the market was born. The business idea of the company KosterAlg is to sell the biomass of several species of macroalgae to clients refining the algae to consumer products, such as food, skin/hygiene products and animal feed. The interest from the market has shown that KosterAlg has a great potential to grow and for that needs to establish its own cultivations, both in the sea and in tanks.




Cultivation of macroalgae produces high value food and must be the ultimate farming for sustainability - it doesn’t need watering or fertilization. The algae take up nutrients and capture CO2 from the sea to compensate for eutrophication and ocean acidification ….and they produce oxygen.”-

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    Elisabet Brock

The allies

KosterAlg was selected by the ALLIANCE as a case with partner status in November 2016. The two main mentors are the University of Gothenburg and Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

The ALLIANCE is providing support to KosterAlg in areas of:

  • Analysis of chemical compounds.
  • Strategies for organic certification and nutritional regulations.
  • Business plan development.
  • Funding support for harvest, handling and marketing of algae.