mud lake cosmetics

LoondSPA: natural spa cosmetics from Estonia

The LoondSPA cosmetics include the Värska lake mud and mineral waters from South Estonia, these powerful mineral resources have not been used in the cosmetics industry so far.

The company

The LoondSPA company is run by two team members: Nelli Kerde and Liina Reinsaar. Being active in the entrepreneurship more than 10 years is Nelli responsible for sales. As Liina has extensive experience in communication she deals with marketing. With great passion both team members are also involved in the product development, it’s their mission to spread the innovative use of Värska lake mud and mineral water in cosmetics due to its proven excellent features for skin.

The brand of the company LoondSPA called loond° originates from a belief to a pure and strong nature that feeds the body, spirit and mind in its naturalness. In Estonia, the word “loond” meant “nature” in past times. Therefore, based on the deep meaning of this ancient word the whole loond concept is lively and breathable, and part of everyone. The strengths and reliefs of loond are hiding in it and waiting for a discovery.

The loond° mission is to share the strength of the strong plants and natural resources that grow in northern, clean and harsh climate. The products nourish the skin with beneficial ingredients, help to relax, make a break and take time for yourself. loond° wants to keep the clean and untouched nature surrounding us and provide its refreshment for future generations as wel!

The idea

loond° products are inspired by the pure Nordic nature. Northern Europe, with its sparse population and clean air, has excellent natural conditions to guarantee the purity and high quality of the raw material. The raw material comes from the upper North latitudes of the Earth, where the growth environment is rough, but the nature is tougher and stronger. LoondSPA has chosen the best ingredients and natural resources that are ecologically clean. loond° products are divided into product lines according to the occurrence latitude of the main raw material – the key component.

loond° has worked together with scientists and Wellness Spas to create the natural cosmetics that would bring you closer to the Nordic nature, where the air is cleaner and plants are durable!





Being in the ALLIANCE means for us getting help in business development, define better the markets we target, get support in networking and matchmaking to reach out to the suitable collaboration partners. Our mentors have already opened up some new collaboration opportunities for us in Germany, with only our own efforts we would not be so far so soon.”-

  • LoondSPA: natural spa cosmetics from Estonia

    Nelli Kerde 


The allies

Six Estonian wellness spas have already tested the first simplified pilot products. The aim is to develop a proper spa product line that have bigger packages for wellness spas and smaller for retail clients.

LoondSPA aims to take all the good things out of the mud and mineral water mix and use these in high quality cosmetics products. During spring 2018 LoondSPA has started, together with local scientists, chemical tests to elaborate the potential of the raw material in cosmetic products.

The cooperation needs that LoondSPA addressed the ALLIANCE, are:

  • Chemical tests (active components from mud), dermatological trial and the products self-life test.
  • Extended knowledge about mineral water potential application for other products e.g. facial water or mist.
  • Help in product development.
  • Business support.

The mentors of LoonSPA are Tartu Biotechnology Park (TBP), GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR) and Coastal Research & Management (CRM).