Microalgae in bottles

 Maresome: Innovative products with antibacterial and wound healing effects on a base of marine organisms

Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. (IMaB) is developing new pharmaceuticals and formulation for wound dressing without antibiotics.

The company

Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. (IMaB) was founded by microbiologists, pharmacists and doctors from Greifswald under the BioRegio Initiative 1996 (now BioCon Valley – Initiative for Life Science and health economy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). IMaB is the founding member of BioCon Valley. The IMaB is dedicated to support research and development in the field of marine biotechnology. The IMaB research programme ranges from the isolation of novel microorganisms to functional genomics. Key issues include: discovery of new antimicrobial compounds, drug development based on marine natural products, proteomics of marine bacteria, cold-adapted enzymes and expression systems.

The idea

Approximately 4 million people in Germany suffer currently on chronic, not curative wounds. A special problem at chronic wounds represents the settlement of multi-resistant pathogens. IMaB wants to develop new formulations for orthopedic socks, wound dressing or novel ointments which effectively accelerate the wound healing and prevent or reduce infections on the base of microparticles of algae (Maresome®) from the Baltic sea. The idea based on two existing EU-Patents EP1480661 and EP2162121 was already realized in a special prophylaxis cream against MRSA.

Maresome stands for micro particles obtained by patented manufacturing process. The particles come from the Baltic Sea microalgae biomass. The microalgae were identified and cultivated by the scientists from Greifswald.

Maresome is also an ingredient of cosmetics, these products have skin-caring qualities. Moreover, the physiological skin flora is protected from bacterial attack when applying cosmetics of this kind.

Access to relevant networks around the Baltic Sea for informing about Maresome® and its products is the main support we expect from the ALLIANCE.”-

  • Dr. Gerold Lukowski

    Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V.

 The allies

The ALLIANCE mentors BioConValley GmbH and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) support IMaB with consulting, networking and elementary business development support. IMaB works with two companies producing cosmetics and medical devices in Germany. The ALLIANCE network provides furthermore very valuable access to the rest of the Baltic Sea Region.


IMaB needs are:

  • Partners of novel antibacterial and nontoxic algae in vivo
  • Partners for the large scale (100-1.000 l) cultivating of marine biomass
  • Partners for developing innovative application form, including novel wound dressing formulations
  • Partners for marketing

The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR

 The SUBMARINER Network is a flagship project of the EUSBSR