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MBF: Movable Biogas Factory

Utilization of excessive aquatic biomass via transfer on-site.


The company

Movable Biogas Factory (MBF) is represented by 2 core people:

Ritva Nilivaara-Koskela
MScs in Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry. Experienced in water chemistry and treatment, interested in bioprocess development and innovation.

Kirsi Hyry
MSc in Tech. Computer Science. Product management and business development professional with 20 years of experience. Motivated in water renovation innovations.

MBF is on the idea development stage. The needs and possibilities of MBF were discussed with a local research institute. The business model, technical development and implementation are on early stage of development. MBF is looking for potential collaboration partners. They need further support and insight whether the movable biogas factory idea has potential, and how to move the idea forward. 

The idea

MBF aims to utilize excessive aquatic biomass. The current problem is: eutrophication creates excessive aquatic biomass (water plants, macroalgae, rough fish and sediments). Biomass utilization is unattractive due to transportation costs. Biomass is piled on shore and nutrients return to Baltic Sea.

MBF offers a solution to this problem: MBF utilizes low-value biomass collected from beaches, sporadic fishing, algae/mussel cultures or renovation of drainage basin. MBF is transferring the biogas process on-site, then the biomass is processed into biogas and utilized again e.g. as fertilizers. The benefit MBF offers: MBF utilizes excessive low-value biomass and decreases nutrients to counteract eutrophication. MBF is independent during the process and avoid transportation costs of raw material. 



The unique selling proposition of MBF is:

  • Minimization of transportation costs.
  • Proximity to raw material source.
  • Local usage of end-products.
  • Suitability for small scale projects.
  • Suitability for periodical usage.

"Through the ALLIANCE we are trying to connect with other actors in biogas sector in Baltic Sea Region.”-

  • Ritva Nilivaara-Koskela

    Movable Biogas Factory

The allies

The mentors of MBF are KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). MBF entered the ALLIANCE mentorship to proceed in R&D, engineering specifications and get help in finding financing during 2017/2018. Some piloting activities might be implemented during the ALLIANCE mentoring, leading to conceptual design of system and prototyping in 2018/2019.

The needs of MBF are:

  • Validation of the business model; costs, clients and revenue.
  • Concept development: how to build and manage the service concept?
  • Technical Development; small scale process development with a cooperation partner (container size), automation development, local utilization of biogas and rejects.
  • Pilot research: which biomass fractions are available and viable for the MBF, pilot project for validating the concept with minimum effort.