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Concept for mussel farm at the coast of Kurzeme

Coast of Kurzeme, Latvia

The Baltic Blue Growth farm in Latvia is located in the open waters to compare costs and benefits with
existing farms in sheltered sites in other parts of the Baltic Sea Region.

Off the port town Pāvilosta on the Latvian coast, the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology is about to establish a test cultivation farm using long lines as a substrate. Located some 5 km off the shore in the open sea, there is rapid water circulation in the area. To protect the cultivation units, the cultivation will thus be submerged in a depth of at least 5 m. The site has a depth of approx. 20 m with a stony bottom with patches of sand.

A special focus with this open water test farm will be on comparing its costs and benefits to those of already existing farms in sheltered sites. It is expected that the costs of deployment will be comparable to other farms, whereas the maintenance costs will most probably be higher, in particular due to the need to deploy navigation signs to warn ships that pass the farm area.

Location of the farm

Basic facts about the farm

  • Surface area: 1 ha
  • Substrate type: rope net (Shelltech)
  • Size: 625 m rope
  • Growth depth: 5–7

Contact for further enquiries

  • Juris Aigars

    Juris Aigars

    phone: +371 67601995
    email: juris.aigars(at)

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