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Mussel farm in the Kalmarsund, Sweden

Kalmarsund, Sweden

The Kalmarsund farm is located in an exposed area of the Kalmarsound.
The estimated harvest for this farm in 2018 in 50 tonnes.

Placed in an exposed area at the northern inlet of the Kalmarsound between the Swedish East Coast and the Öland island, this farm uses a submerged net-farm production system which has been designed to withstand ice and o shore conditions. The area was chosen because of its good biological potential for mussel growth, few con icting uses and interests and the proximity to two larger harbours, making the farm easily accessible.

The estimated harvest in 2018 is 50 tonnes, corresponding to a nutrient uptake potential of 500 kg nitrogen (N) and 50 kg phospho- rous (P). The farm is owned and run by the company Bohus Havsbruk according to a contract with Kalmar municipality.

Location of the farm

Basic facts about the farm

  • Surface area: 1 ha
  • Substrate type: rope net (Shelltech)
  • Size: 40,000 m rope
  • Growth depth: 3–6 m
  • Expected harvest in 2018: approx. 50 tonnes

Contact for further enquiries

  • Susanna Minnhagen

    Susanna Minnhagen

    phone: +46 480 450172
    email: susanna.minnhagen(at)

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