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Kiel Marine Farm

Kiel Bay, Germany

The Baltic Blue Growth mussel farm in the Kiel Bay
is an extension to the existing farm producing mussel for human consumption.

The Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein (MELUR) is about to establish a cultivation site in the Kiel Bay in Northern Germany with the aim of achieving a maximum biomass production of small mussels. The planned farm area is at least 80 x 40 m and it is intended to deploy at least three production units consisting of 100 m rope each with 150 elements with hairy rope (so-called “Christmas tree ropes”). As a result of a public procurement, the private company Kieler Meeresfarm has been selected as the operator of the farm by MELUR. The company is already running a small scale commercial mussel cultivation in the Kiel Fjord and selling its mussels to both private and business customers for human consumption. The Baltic Blue Growth project farm will be an extension of the company’s existing cultivation site.

Location of the farm

Basic facts about the farm

  • Surface area: at least 0.32 ha
  • Substrate type: long line
  • Size: at least 1,650 m rope
  • Growth depth: 6–12 m

Contact for further enquiries

  • Roland Lemcke

    Roland Lemcke

    phone: +49 431-988-4973
    email: roland.lemcke(at)

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