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Mussel farm in the Musholm Bay, Denmark

Musholm Bay, Denmark

The existing mussel farm in the Musholm Bay has been extended
with different mesh-size substrates to test maximum nutrient uptake.

The farm in the Musholm Bay is a mussel-farm run by the fish aquaculture company Musholm, thus representing the “Danish model” of fish farms that compensate nutrient outlet from their fish farm by growing and harvesting mussels.

The conditions for farming at the site are exposed, with general strong currents, shifting salinity and rough weather. The special interest for the Musholm farm at this stage is to maximise nutrient uptake by testing different mesh-sizes of net substrate and different times of the year to harvest in order to increase the mussel production. Since it is more efficient to harvest the mussels at a smaller size if the aim is to gain a high biomass in a short time, the business potential to use small and thin-shelled mussels in animal feed is also of great interest to the Musholm farm.

Location of the farm

Basic facts about the farm

  • Surface area: 1 ha
  • Substrate type: rope net 10 units, trawl net 4 units, 5 different mesh sizes
  • Size: 49,000 m rope
  • Growth depth: 0–4.5

Downloads and materials

Report "Substrate test at Musholm 2016. Mussel growth in the western Baltic sea" (02/2017)

Contact for further enquiries

  • Torben Wallach

    Torben Wallach

    phone: +45 27382976
    email: tw(at)

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