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First workshop for the Danish-German cooperation pilot case in the Flensburg Fjord region

The BalticRIM lead partner State Archaeology Department of Schleswig-Holstein (ALSH) hosted the 1st cross-sectoral workshop.

On 6th February 2018 the ALSH (represented by Matthias Maluck and Daniel Zwick) hosted in Germany the 1st cross-sectoral workshop for the Flensburg Fjord region. The workshop is a part of the BalticRIM’s Danish-German pilot case. One MSP expert and the BalticRIM project partner from Denmark (Lise Schrøder, Aalborg University Copenhagen) and MCH expert responsible for the underwater archaeology on the Danish site of the Flensburg Fjord (Otto Uldum, Langelands Museum) attended the workshop. Further participants came from the tourism and museum sector from Flensburg (Gorm Casper and Susanne Grigull) and were also present in the meeting. The workshop had a constructive nature as it facilitated the data exchange on underwater archaeological sites, as well as an exchange of how the maritime cultural heritage (MCH) could serve a wider public benefit. The main focus was directed towards making the MCH more accessible through diver-trails or by an emphasis on the intangible cultural heritage.

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